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Cenk Erdoğan

As a graphic designer and creative director, Cenk Erdoğan (1972) continues to provide communication and design services to many national and international brands for 25 years in Istanbul, Turkey.

As a photography enthusiast and a shutterbug, he loves capturing life moments and sharing visual stories.

As Friedlander said:

“It fascinates me that there is a variety of feeling about what I do. I’m not a premeditative photographer. I see a picture and I make it. If I had a chance, I’d be out shooting all the time. You don’t have to go looking for pictures. The material is generous. You go out and the pictures are staring at you.”

Lee Friedlander

Documentary Photography – LIFE Library of Photography, Page: 178



Aussie Street
Aussie Street


I’m Cenk Erdoğan from Istanbul, Turkey.

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